About Us

It gives us enormous pleasure to introduce FPMT in India for admission in Top Foreign Medical Universities that are WHO recognized to conduct the M.B.B.S program in the English language.

  • 1. Russia
  • 2. Kyrgyz Republic
  • 3. Kazakhstan
  • 4. Uzbekistan
  • 5. Bangladesh
  • 6. China
  • 7.  Nepal
  • 8.  Philippines
  • 9.  Georgia
  • 10. Armenia
  • 11.  Europe

The FOREIGN PRE MEDICAL ENTRANCE TEST (FPMT) is ideal for students across India, Bangladesh and Nepal who wish to study medicine (MBBS) abroad in above 20 countries. Conducted by MBBS Gurukul ( IFMS Welfare MCI Gurukul Trust) . The FPMT test would enable & guide students to enrol in Medical Universities in foreign countries at affordable fees, based on their scores & Counselling by Doctors.

Who we are?

MBBS GURUKUL( IFMS Welfare MCI Gurukul Trust) which owns NEXT MCI GURUKUL DELHI PG  FMGE / NEXT Leading Institute of India .MBBS GURUKUL ABROAD EDUCATION & SERVICES for Direct MBBS Admissions in WHO Recognised Government Universities of Foreign Countries through FPMT .


Our group started its foray in coaching with its flagship brand, MCI GURUKUL DELHI IN 2009. Today, the group has grown into one of the leading Medical coaching services companies& MBBS abroad Consultancy in India, providing high-quality education to students.


MBBS GURUKUL ABROAD EDUCATION & SERVICES is an international education service provider working in the field of medical education at the Bachelor and Masters degree level. The organization specializes in identifying, PROMOTING, and maintaining International education Exchange Programs. Since 2009 the organization is offering support to various universities in the following areas

    • Academic support in the form of recruiting and recommending qualified medical teachers.
    • Supplementing classroom teaching with virtual classes through our video classrooms.
    • Conducting refresher programs for medical licensing exams of various countries.
    • Conducting online tests through our portal & app.
    • Assisting universities in collaborating with each other and establishing education exchange programs
    • Recommending and recruiting students to universities based on the eligibility criteria of the universities and the requirements of the students.

We are headquartered at NEW DELHI & our offices in many foreign countries with our associates and offices and representatives in various cities of India as well as abroad.

Our operations exist in Nepal, China , Bangladesh, Russia , Mauritius, Ukraine, Philippines, South America, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan , Georgia and Belarus.

All the universities listed in this website are enlisted with the W.H.O also enlisted with Medical Council of India (Old website).
As the number of students opting to study medicine overseas has increased exponentially from a trickle 15 years ago to a stream, a need was felt to streamline the process of admissions.

Building a brand takes consistent effort and focus and the best brands are always those who have built up entry barriers selecting the most meritorious among the students who apply to them. When the availability of seats is lesser than the demand , it make sense to have selection criteria in place so that the best students apply. When the number of seats available is greater than the demand then it is only the perceived quality of the institution and the esteem that it commands that will ensure that seats are filled up well before other institutions.

An organized effort at evaluation and selection of students for the medical courses to the various universities is an imperative in the background of the fact that most of the countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal follow different grading systems and some countries like India have different evaluation criteria for differing boards in the provinces.

The FOREIGN PRE MEDICAL ENTRANCE TEST is aimed at providing a uniform testing and marking system which will enable the universities to make the most informed choice about the quality of the students they would like to enrol.

Likewise it will also give students complete information about the universities which will enable them to choose universities based on their academic capability , location , scholarship availability and fees

We have been privileged to serve over 10000 students in 100+ universities and more than 150 academicians. With more than 15 years of experience in Foreign education we have developed the right credentials and the right attitude to ensure that our services reach many thousands more.
It is heartening to note that a by product of the increased student traffic between the countries of the world will be more tolerant , friendly and educated world citizens.